“Normal” Is Not a Thing

June 18, 2024 Steve 0 Comments

Do not wait for “normal” times to return.

There is no “normal” interest rate environment. There is no “normal” rate of inflation. The job market will never be “normal’.

There has never been so much money printed. The national debt has never been this high, both domestically and abroad.

We have never been so close to artificial intelligence eliminating so many current jobs.

We have never had so many cameras everywhere, all the time.

It has never been so easy to sort through everything you ever wrote, and pretty soon all pictures and videos will be indexed and “trained”.

Medical technology is more advanced than ever, with new breakthroughs promising miracles (with some adverse trade-offs discovered along the way).

Self driving vehicles, choreographed drone swarms and autonomous robots create awesome possibilities, inspiring and frightening.

None of it is an excuse to give up or sit on the sidelines.

All of it is interesting, perhaps even exciting.

People still need food, clothing, shelter… Meaningful human connections. Integration into the economy, through banking and financial services, to accumulate wealth, access credit, make payments, manage risk, and build secure lives for their families no matter what changes are on the way.

It’s an exciting time. I am proud to work with excellent people to transform organizations and upskill people to meet evolving demands and even stay ahead of them. I am personally exploring several new ways to contribute. Reach out with any needs (or suggestions).